Friday, October 21, 2011


Hey Everyone,

So I know I vanished with no warning. My apologies! I'm alive! I started not only working again, but class the very same week. And math class at that. My worst subject. Plain ick. Things are hectic, with work, school, homework, laundry, and every other detail in between, so my blog went neglected. I would like to find a reasonable rate at which to post, one that is relaxing and unwinding for me to work on, rather than a pressure to get things up, so bare with me as I try and find a rhythm here. I do have a bunch of material to review and share with you guys, it's just a matter of time management!!!

So exciting news! Tomorrow I get to go to a makeup class taught by a professional artist who does makeup for the movies and has some big titles under her belt. I will share any pictures I take and my experience this weekend.


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