Saturday, August 27, 2011

Maybelline Crown Jewels Trio

 Good morning! And it's the weekend. Woo!!! Time to relax, recharge, and play. I promised to do a Glamour Doll Eyes review, as well as owe you some Jordana swatches.I will have these up by the end of this weekend.
Still awaiting my package from Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics, so another Indie brand review coming your way!

This is my look for work today. I used a Maybelline Trio called "Crown Jewels." The colors in the palette are soft and warm, with lots of sparkle in the sun. It's a great combo for people with Hazel eyes. There is a pinkish shade, a mauve color, and a color I find hard to describe, I guess I would call it a frosty petal champagne shade. LoL.
This mini-palette makes it a no-brainer to apply; the wors "lid", "crease" and  "browbone" are imprinted right on the shadows.
I like this set for work and for an everyday, casual look.
However, I do find that I have to be aggressive with the picking-up and application of the product to get the pigment I really want.
It's a nice trio to keep in the purse in case of on-the-go primping or a beauty emergency, but if you are someone who is more experienced with makeup, this may be a little too basic and color-starved.
Overall, I do like this product, I just wish the colors picked up easier. Tip: definitely throw down a base before applying to bring the colors up.

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