Sunday, August 28, 2011

Beauty on a Top Ramen Budget!

From left to Right: White Sand, Go 4 Gold, Bronze Medal, Pink Quartz, Pink Rocker, Antique Heather, Going Green, Baby Blue, Brownie, Black Tux

 Okay, so they cost a little more than Top Ramen, but not much!
Budget beauty has come a long way since I was old enough to save my allowance for a cheapie brand lip gloss or eyeshadow.
I remember buying eyeliners which applied waxy and the pencil tip broke with every sharpen, and lip gloss that tasted like plastic.
Lately, I have given some of the cheap drugstore lines another try, and I have been pleasantly surprised! The quality has improved by leaps and bounds. You can get something for a dollar these days! I decided to test out a Jordana loose eyeshadow, and I ended up buying ten. There are 12 colors in total, so I'm only two short. These generous pots sell at my local Save Mart for 4 for 5 bucks.You can find them at Walgreens and Food Maxx too. The pot contains 1.3 grams of highly pigmented loose shadow, which lasts a long time. This pot has a sifter.I am very happy with the rich and sparkly colors. Loose shadows work best with a primer and dabbed on rather than swiped. I use my shadows very frequently and for experimenting because the price is so affordable and the product is so easy to locate, that I don't have to go stingy with them.
The labels on the bottom come off very easily, so I had to look up the names online. My only complaint is that the white color is not very white, but it is still beautiful none the less.
Way to go Jordana! My faith is back in drugstore cosmetics, my eyes shimmer, and my wallet ain't hurting.

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