Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Makeup Instruction with Erin Wooldridge, Class 1:Foundation

     I promised to share after I attended the first makeup class with Erin Wooldridge, professional makeup artist. The class was approximately five hours long, small student size (5 today), and was in an intimate and wonderful setting, Erin's awesome and inspiring studio. 
We were given a printed overview she had put together of the basics of laying down foundation, product, tools and facial structure. Erin demonstrated how she would apply both a light, day base and a heavier "film/photography/wedding" foundation. The class jumped in to hands-on and Erin let us know that she was here to teach us what WE wanted to learn, so the class moved at the pace of the students and the feedback we gave.
Tamara, owner of Bidwell Hair Cottage in Chico, Ca, was kind enough to let me snap photos of Erin demonstrating her skills on Saturday.

Smashbox tinted moisturizer, light enough for every day use. This is the product being used on Tamara on the above and below photographs.


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244 Fluid, used as an agent to manipulate the very intense texture of professional grade foundation.

If you look closely, you can see a very natural application to the back of her hand. The 244 fluid was used to thin out the foundation. Erin described a use like this might be used for say, male makeup.

We were given professional grade foundation to apply to first our own face, and then later we found a partner's shade and practiced application on one another. There is almost a "bedside manner" when it comes to applying makeup to someone else's face, as it is very personal to be in one's space in this way. 

My patient partner Jessica, also stylist of Bidwell Hair Cottage. She wanted her freckles covered, so I took to the task! I think I did fairly well, and thank you Jessica for lending me the beautiful face, freckles and all!

We used a lighter shade to practice highlighting, and learned about finding skin tones and building coverage, different brushes and an awesome sponge called the BeautyBlender, which we all tried on the lovely Erin!!

Tamara, and Lauri of The Palms Venue in Chico, Ca
I had a fun day and learned some new techniques as well as some new products I would like to test out. (Husband, bear with me!!! lol) Judging by smiles and laughs of the other ladies, I think they enjoyed the class as well. Congrats to Erin on her first class in the series!

For more information on the Chico, Ca makeup instruction courses offered by Erin Wooldridge, please email

For more information on the hair salon Bidwell Hair Cottage, please visit

For more information on the events venue The Palms, please visit 

Friday, October 21, 2011


Hey Everyone,

So I know I vanished with no warning. My apologies! I'm alive! I started not only working again, but class the very same week. And math class at that. My worst subject. Plain ick. Things are hectic, with work, school, homework, laundry, and every other detail in between, so my blog went neglected. I would like to find a reasonable rate at which to post, one that is relaxing and unwinding for me to work on, rather than a pressure to get things up, so bare with me as I try and find a rhythm here. I do have a bunch of material to review and share with you guys, it's just a matter of time management!!!

So exciting news! Tomorrow I get to go to a makeup class taught by a professional artist who does makeup for the movies and has some big titles under her belt. I will share any pictures I take and my experience this weekend.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ditch the nail salon: Save money, have fun, and get creative!

With my hectic schedule of figuring out how to be a productive new mom in addition to daily laundering, cooking, and cleaning my beauty time has been virtually cut to sloppily smearing on some eyeliner in my car at stop signs. With my personal time cut to an all time low, I have discovered a way to integrate some self care with a pleasurable and quick activity; painting and decorating my toenails.
Here's why this is something you should consider doing on your own rather than spending $40 plus dollars a month at a salon. First of all, i really enjoy the control that I get picking out my colors and decals and building a collection that I could virtually match to anything in any closet. Besides the obvious financial savings, I also tend to worry about the flesh eating viruses we hear about on the news that come from unhygienic nail salons. Just imagine if that news story was about you!
Most importantly, it gives me a moment of down time where I can be as creative and crazy as I desire and enjoy my 20 minute art session for the next 2 weeks to come. The more wild the better! Toes are the one place in beauty where too much just doesnt apply! **
This week I chose to go with a new color from Sinful nail polish. I purchased two colors for the price of $3; you really cant beat that! The color I am wearing in this picture is "Dream on", a passionate, firey magenta that my photo does not do justice for! (camera phone :-) It is a less expensive price point, so two heavy coats are needed to acquire vibrancy. This is a matte finish and i wouldn't recommend leaving it at that, a clear coat helps even out dullness and visible bush strokes.
After my two coats of nail polish I applied on self adhesive rhinestones along my cuticles made by Kiss nails. These will run you $3 for over 150 stickers. Its more difficult by far than other decals to align right but this look at nail salons is always $5 to $10 more so the time is worth the savings! After placing your rhinestones or decals it is crucial to cement them down with a good solid nail glue. I use Broadway nail topcoat. And finally, after a quick shiny clear topcoat, I am toe-ready! A nifty Sally Hansen top coat pen allows me to brush on my topcoat in a matter of seconds, its a nail polish must!
There is no limit to how creative you can get and my collection has grown so vast over the last few months that I now look forward to my nail polish chipping so I can try new effects. Ive never received so many compliments in regards to my feet!


**Editor's Note: I disagree with this statement! Pile it on everywhere! LMAO