Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ditch the nail salon: Save money, have fun, and get creative!

With my hectic schedule of figuring out how to be a productive new mom in addition to daily laundering, cooking, and cleaning my beauty time has been virtually cut to sloppily smearing on some eyeliner in my car at stop signs. With my personal time cut to an all time low, I have discovered a way to integrate some self care with a pleasurable and quick activity; painting and decorating my toenails.
Here's why this is something you should consider doing on your own rather than spending $40 plus dollars a month at a salon. First of all, i really enjoy the control that I get picking out my colors and decals and building a collection that I could virtually match to anything in any closet. Besides the obvious financial savings, I also tend to worry about the flesh eating viruses we hear about on the news that come from unhygienic nail salons. Just imagine if that news story was about you!
Most importantly, it gives me a moment of down time where I can be as creative and crazy as I desire and enjoy my 20 minute art session for the next 2 weeks to come. The more wild the better! Toes are the one place in beauty where too much just doesnt apply! **
This week I chose to go with a new color from Sinful nail polish. I purchased two colors for the price of $3; you really cant beat that! The color I am wearing in this picture is "Dream on", a passionate, firey magenta that my photo does not do justice for! (camera phone :-) It is a less expensive price point, so two heavy coats are needed to acquire vibrancy. This is a matte finish and i wouldn't recommend leaving it at that, a clear coat helps even out dullness and visible bush strokes.
After my two coats of nail polish I applied on self adhesive rhinestones along my cuticles made by Kiss nails. These will run you $3 for over 150 stickers. Its more difficult by far than other decals to align right but this look at nail salons is always $5 to $10 more so the time is worth the savings! After placing your rhinestones or decals it is crucial to cement them down with a good solid nail glue. I use Broadway nail topcoat. And finally, after a quick shiny clear topcoat, I am toe-ready! A nifty Sally Hansen top coat pen allows me to brush on my topcoat in a matter of seconds, its a nail polish must!
There is no limit to how creative you can get and my collection has grown so vast over the last few months that I now look forward to my nail polish chipping so I can try new effects. Ive never received so many compliments in regards to my feet!


**Editor's Note: I disagree with this statement! Pile it on everywhere! LMAO

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