Wednesday, August 17, 2011

ErthBlu shares her thoughts on "Physicians Formula Organic Wear" (tinted moisturizer)

Hi! This is ErthBlu and today I am sharing my first contribution to *InspEyEred*. I will be occasionally sharing my thoughts and opinions on products.

 I am one of those kind of girls that hates the fuss of makeup. I refuse to wake up early to spend my time in front of a mirror, and half the time Im rushing where ever I go applying eyeshadow in a crazy flurry at a stoplight in my crooked rear view mirror. when I find products that make me look half decent and can by smeared on in the matter of seconds Im all for it. Recently, with the aid of a CVS coupon, I decided to splurge on Physicians Formula Organic Wear tinted moisturizer with an SPF of 15. The thing that drew me to this $13.99 1.5oz tube of lotion was the simple fact that it is paraban free, all natural, cruelty free and organic. As someone who prides themself with attempting to be as eco friendly as the market will allow, I chose to give it a go.

I love this product. I have combination skin and often I skip foundation because in areas where my face is dry foundation accentuates the flaws in my skin. this solves my problem completely. It is quick and effortless and I dont have to worry about uneven lines around my chin to help improve my overall skin tone. It comes in various shade groups and hasnt let me down thus far! My only complaint is the lavender smell that overwhelms my senses as i apply it. Im not a fan of the lavender scent in general so this is a huge turn off. however, I only notice it for the first few minutes after using it and then it seems to dissapate. i havent had any complaints from my boyfriend or my baby so Im sticking with it!

This product is intended and perfect for women who dont wear an abundance of makeup and just want a product that hydrates, nourishes, and evens out your complexion. I love that it doesnt look like im wearing makeup, so no matter what my day brings Im not checking myself in the mirror to ensure my face is in place. It is all natural and hypo allergenic unlike other popular drugstore foundations that leave more belmishes than they cover. I would highly recommend this product!

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