Thursday, August 18, 2011

Maybelline shadows

I really like this Maybelline limited edition palette. I decided to try it out specifically because I have the worst time trying to find a yellow that's NOT gold in the drugstores. I walked up and down the aisles carefully scanning every eyeshadow pot, trio and palette. Then did the same in three other stores. Nothing. I've only found decent yellows by shopping Indie brands. Anyhow, I needed a yellow right then for a look I was dying to try. Before I gave up, I found this little eight combo and saw a yellow! I think I paid six something at Kmart, but I liked the all the other colors it came with so I figured it was worth.
These colors are pale and summery. Usually pale is not the quality you desire in an eyeshadow, but perhaps I am not using the best adjective. I really like how the colors are so soft and pastel like, very easy going and low maintenance. A good bunch of shades to pull-off at work without looking like you are wearing weekend makeup to the office. my yellow is a soft buttery color and the blues are cool and icy without that slutty thing that blues can do to you sometimes. The back of the palette says the colors are a combo of mattes, shimmer, and high pearl. One of the benefits of a set with complimentary shades is that instead of throwing a million items in your purse, you can keep this set on the go without cluttering up.

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