Friday, August 26, 2011

Spring Fling

I put these colors together to go with a specific dress. I like my makeup and outfit to coordinate, so some days I dress for to match my face, while other days I do my face and find clothes to match!
We were out camping in Lotus, California, and being me, I went ahead and lugged my two filled-to-the-brim train cases of goods with me. I had my portable mirror and set out to work in the sunlight. I love doing my makeup outside, I find it the most exacting.

Yes, I know, heavy on the blush. I like my cheeks bright pink

BFTE Lemon, Green Apple, and Jesse's Girl in Secret Weapon under the brow

My handsome man and I having fun. Here is the dress, given to me by ErthBlu :-)

My home girl and I, Looking good in the Club!

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