Thursday, August 25, 2011

Maybelline Eye Studio Eyeliner

Maybelliene Eye Studio Eyeliner (blackest black)

I love wearing eyeliner and wear it everyday if time allows. My two staples in life are eyeliner and lip gloss. However, for some reason, my eyelids run hot. almost every stick eyeliner I purchase ends up smearing and by the end of the day I look like a sleep-deprived raccoon. This has forced me to switch over to things like liquid eyeliners that set after application. I still, however, find that unintentionally rubbing my eyes or teary moments (they happen!) leave me looking somewhat of a mess.
Thank goodness makeup companies push out tons of products and now there are pots of eyeliner colors that are applied with a brush. They come in a small pot, like the Maybelline eye studio and are a very thick creme texture. Armed with a nifty eye liner brush they give you. I am able to quickly, very quickly, and accurately draw eyeliner across my lash line. I love this because there is no waiting with one eye open like liquid eye liner, and the creme seems to instantly bond with my skin and stay there. I can wear this all day long, sweating at my coffee job, or nap with my baby in the day and still look put together. Even when I wake up in the morning, having again neglected to take my makeup off, I look decent. It easily washes off with soap and water and I never get the left over black bags under my eyes look.

I have also tried Loreal's HIP brand eyeliners and I was also impressed with the outcome. Loreal's, however, comes with three different colors. Maybellienes brush is superior and I would recommend it if you want to do more design like cat eyes or have better control of the thickness as Maybelliene's brush is tapered.
The drawbacks, which wont hinder me from the purchase of this product in the future, is that the pot will dry out at around the 3 month mark. If you use this everyday then you will get your moneys worth. i also suggest finding and buying brush cleaner, which I don't have. the bristles tend to get sticky and the makeup crumbles a little on it just sitting in the open air. I attempt to wash mine every once in a while but brush cleaner would be ideal.
Overall I am happy with this product!  --ErthBlu

Editor's note: This product shows up on the list of companies that tests on animals. The prior post gave links to companies that test on animals as well as others who do not. 
I personally use this eyeliner every day as well, I find the ease of application and steady wear a huge plus. The fact that it is readily available and affordable (around $7 bucks) makes this product a good beauty store find.
However, in support of animal-friendly companies, we will be finding a similar product from an animal-friendly company to review soon. :-)

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