Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mermaid Inspeyer-ation, Part 1

I spoke to my girlfriend today and she suggested I do a look with blue and green, something mermaid-inspired. Well I got a little too busy, because I can be heavy-handed when it comes to color application. My look started leaning towards a Mardi Gras theme, so I tried and pull the focus back. I decided that this is MY rendition of a mermaid, a beautiful, fun and playful mermaid that is! I got to thinking of doing a second mermaid look, a more serious dramatic look, to represent more of a dangerous siren of the sea. You know, the wickedly sexy ones that sing the sailors into the hands of death. LOL. Watch for that soon.

So I went ahead and took pics while I worked on my face. I am sloppy when it comes to this whole thing. You will see my mineral fallout on my cheeks, under my eyes, and my crazy, not yet groomed brows. Oh, I have a time with my brows!!! A tip that will save you a headache; DO YOUR FOUNDATION AFTER YOUR EYES!You will spare yourself a lot of wiping up, because unless you are a pro, you will probably end up with "fallout", that little thing we call it when your loose minerals end up somewhere other than where you intended! Same goes for using heavy black shadows. You are probably going to make a mess before your look is done. Here we go....

Apply your primer to all the areas you plan on putting your makeup. I went up to my brow bone and under my eyes using Laura Geller Eye Spackle.

I then took a blue from BFTE called
Blueberry and applied to more than 3/4 of my lid. I open my eyes and use points on my eyeball to mark off where to end my shadow application. You are going to blend, so if your eyes are not exactly the same, don't stress.

I then took BFTE Green Apple and applied to the rest of my eye and extended the shape out to around my outer eyebrows and lined the bottom as well, but not all the way in. I took the blue and did the under eye near the tear duct area and left a small gap between the blue and green.

 I then took BFTE Whimsey and lined the top of the blue and green, following the shape. I put BFTE Isis in the gap i left under my eye, and highlighted under the brow with BFTE Way Up High. I lined my lids with a white pencil.

LoL, you can see my crazy eyebrow which needs to be brushed, and the fallout under my eyes.

I then lined my water line with Starry Eyeliner Gel in a rich, navy color. I brushed MAC powder in Espresso on my eyebrows and then put Maybelline XXL Pro Extensions (very black) mascara on upper and lower lids.
I followed with all over foundation and then blushed the apples of my cheeks.

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