Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Premium Minerals Review

I ordered some samples from a company called Premium Minerals. A "Hello! Sampler Pack" includes five different little baggies of various minerals, you choose the shades. You can test this out for free, you just have to spend $3.61 on shipping. I figured it was worth a try, and there were enough different tones where I felt I might be able to land my color. 10 grams of the mineral foundation will cost you about $14.49.

Today I tested out the rose medium powder. I don't wear foundation every day, only days where my face is a mess and breaking out, or for doing a complete face of makeup for going out. I used a Kabuki brush to apply the ultra-fine minerals to my entire face. It felt smooth and completely airy, and it actually covered most of my red blotchiness! What a great alternative to heavy foundation, as it's in the 90's up here right now and the heavy, sticky feel of too much foundation gets old.
Here is my before and after;
Straight out of the shower. Notice all the little redness and imperfections?

After applying Premium Minerals. Much more even!

 I wouldn't use this to cover up large blemishes, at least not with some sort of cover-up product first, but if your face is just a little uneven and blotchy and you want a natural look, this product polishes up the face with ease.

 I then tried some one of the blush samples. I had chosen Candy Pink. I am a heavy blush applier, but this blush halted my usual clown-like cheeks because it brushes on subtly and natural.

Mineral foundation followed by blush
I am happy with the products and love that company will send you some samples so you can find your shade before you invest. They also sent a pamphlet that lists ingredients for each product in each shade. Premium Minerals shipped exceptionally quick as well.

These minerals are listed as NOT containing "talc, cornstarch, mineral oil, dyes perfume or artificial fragrance, phthalates, parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, Cocomide DEA, MEA, TEA or bismuth oxychloride."

"No Animal testing!"

I give them a solid A.

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