Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day to Night look- fast!

The finished evening eye

Yesterday I posted my review of the Maybelline Crown Jewels Trio with pictures. I wore this look all day, and then for going out in the evening, instead of starting all over, I just built on to what I had and was ready for date night in five minutes!

Here are some pictures of the day look, using the Maybelline set.

To go from day to night, I took a dark shimmery brown and used a makeup brush to follow my natural crease.
 I then took a soft shimmer baby pink and applied to my lids and blended. The purple from the day started to fade away with all the blending, but I was happy with the effect. I then lined my eyes with a white pencil and put some white powder in the inner corners of my eyes and finished with another layer of mascara. Before we left for the evening, I powdered my face (Not pictured). This took about all of five minutes, and I was ready for the movies. The Planet of the Apes sequel, whatever it's called. It was good, by the way. Definitely something to see in the theater because the big screen and loud sound is important in this movie! 

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